About Us

For the past 17 years, Robinson’s Tea Room has been holding down the tradition of “British Afternoon Tea” [also known as “High Tea”]. Hailing from England at the age of 2, Danielle Munoz has been a restauranteur for the past 25 years, maintaining a high level of culinary mastery with a fine eye for detail.

Most people think that tea is only good for when you feeling sick, but nothing could be further from the truth, it’s meditation in a cup.

Packed with Polyphenols and its anti oxidizing power, studies have found that teas may help with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, encourage weight loss, lower cholesterol; and help with mental alertness.

Although tea is the most popular drink in the rest of the world, it is still not as popular as coffee in the U.S., but Robinson’s Tea Room is on a mission to change all that.

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